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The 7 Deadly Cash Flow Sins
(and how you can avoid them)


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With the information in this report, you will discover the secret to avoiding these deadly cash flow mistakes in your business.

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Discover the Peace of Mind schedule and how it will transform the way you manage your business!

"Without a degree in accounting, I needed something like Philip's Peace of Mind schedule to keep me focused on the most important aspect of my business - CASH.

It's easy to understand and apply - just what I needed!!"

-Sylvia Barnes, Owner
Leap of Faith Enterprises

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The 7 Deadly Cash Flow Sins
(and how you can avoid them)

Special Report

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Take control of your cash flow NOW - Before it takes control of you!

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Make confident decisions knowing the cash flow impact of every important business decision you make.

Learn why the standard financial statements are inadequate for managing your cash flow.  

Free yourself to do what you do best - grow your business and make more money.

Get the cash flow monkey off your back.

See cash flow problems before they happen.

Enjoy the wonderful feeling of knowing your money is under control.

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About Philip Campbell

The quickest way for me to introduce myself to you is to say:

I Love Business!

I love everything about business.  I love the whole concept of working hard to make money.  I love the idea of providing a valuable product or service to someone and receiving compensation in return.  A true win-win.

And most of all, I love helping people in business take control of their cash flow.

CASH is King, because No CASH = No Business.

Early on in my business career I focused and "preached" so much about cash flow that people now call me CASH.  

I have spent the last 20 years in the business world.  From accounting and consulting for business owners to owning my own businesses and investing in others.

It was when I made the transition from working as a CPA in two public accounting firms to working as a Chief Financial Officer in the retail industry, that I created the cash flow principles I use everyday now. Once I solved the problem of having the right tools for the job, I realized how easy it is to take control of your cash flow.

After I discovered the keys to managing cash flow properly, I was amazed at how much easier it was to run the business.  I would say to myself  "Surely, I need to be worrying about the cash.  I always did before."

That was a big turning point for me in my business career.

My Personal Commitment to You

I have been sharing these principles with hundreds of business owners for years.

I'm extremely excited now to have put the step-by-step process in a easy to read book that will help you eliminate their cash flow worries.  I passionately believe these principles will make a huge difference in your life and in your business.  In fact, I guarantee it.

And the best news of all - taking control of your cash flow is easier than you may think.

Through the eBook Never Run Out of Cash and the Cash Is King newsletter, I will provide you tips, advice and strategies that are:

  • Focused on helping you manage your cash flow properly so you can do what you do best - grow your business and make more money.

  • Based on the proven rules and principles I use everyday in my business.

  • Direct and to the point (no fluff).

The tips, advice and strategies will also:

  • Help you eliminate your cash flow worries.

  • Free you to focus on taking care of customers and making your business more successful.

  • Reinforce your commitment to make your business a success so it works for you rather than the other way around.

  • Help you learn, grow and succeed in business.


Remember, CASH Is King - because No CASH = No Business.

To your success,

Philip Campbell



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